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Welcome to the New City website!

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This website tells a story about a desire to build a new city for the world. A new city which follows the laws of beauty and perfection. A new city with man at its centre. A city fit for human habitation, with excellent facilities and social and cultural infrastructure.

Latest News:
Following apparitions of Our Lady in Kibeho, Rwanda, in the 80's, it is a desire of those living there to build the "City of Mary," that would become a centre of pilgrimage for all of Africa and a City of Reconciliation for the entire world. Africa needs YOUR help now to make it happen.

In the year 2000 as part of my millennium project I set about to try to determine what Ireland would need for the years 2020 and beyond. I studied the demographics of the country. I looked at financial growth, and I looked at a range of other issues. My conclusions were that Ireland needed a New City, a new Government centre, and a centre of excellence. I wrote up the proposals and presented them to the Government and received several receipts for them from the various Ministers and various Departments of Government.

Why a New City? We looked at the fact that Ireland had only 5 cities and these were all built on water, so in effect they were not "full" cities, rather they were "half cities," the newest one was Galway built over 1,000 years ago but declared a City about 600 years ago. We were at pains to state that these were medieval cities designed for another age, but not cities for the 21st century. The streets were becoming increasingly congested, the volume and size of traffic was increasing at an alarming rate, and proper social and telecommunications infrastructure were inadequate. Huge traffic snarl-ups were beginning to stop traffic and cause incredible time delays that were eating into the quality time of the motorist. People would keep looking for the best garage door opener, while they couldn't even reach their homes. In Government circles, civil servants were coming in late for work and going home early, hence productivity was spiralling downwards.

Another reason for a New City is the fact that Ireland will be looking at a new National Government of North and Southern Ireland in the next 20 years, and rather than overwhelm the present system, we foresaw that a new and beautiful city should be built but only after it went out to International tender for design, and construction, and after the Irish Finance Minister created a tax zone for the 20,000 acres of land that we intend to purchase for the New City.

We have noted that the Gulf Stream has virtually stopped and will have come to a full stop within the next 10 years. The effect of this is that Ireland and all of Europe will suffer very harsh winters where we will see the temperatures plummet to -40 degrees centigrade in the wintertime, with huge storms, snow and ice, and when Ireland will lose some 30% of its population due to hypothermia as present housing and infrastructure would not withstand what is to come. The summers will produce extreme heat in the high 30/40 regions as we have seen all over Europe in the past few years, this also will have its toll.

So we need to build a "Thermal" city that will withstand the extreme weather conditions that are coming because of global warming. We must use quality materials for those cities , such as they used in manufacturing of faucet Kraus KPF-1602. Whilst I don't expect any Government to believe this, because they are so small minded and focused on the next elections, I would appeal to the Irish people to demand from the Government a commitment to build a New City, close to International infrastructure like an International Airport, and away from water as the oceans are expected to rise significantly and many of the cities we now have will experience serious flooding. We have chosen such a site near Knock International Airport that is 1,500 feet above sea level, and we believe this is the right area for many reasons, as stated above and to address the National imbalance that exists in Ireland where we have the most skewed population anywhere in the world, where now almost 60% of the Irish live in and around Dublin, and it's getting worse by the day. The West of Ireland has lost some 55% of its population since 1925, but the way politicians think in this country is totally warped. They are neither concerned for a National Policy or for long-term strategies. Perhaps they should call Ireland the Republic of Dublin, and ask people who don't go along with their policies to move to another Country as many Irish have done and will continue to do.

I would ask you to look at other sections of our website including the Press section to see the amount of work we have done in trying to promote our ideas for a New and urgent City for Ireland, the Ireland of the future.

We already have orders for some 60,000 new homes on file, and have interest from some 1,200 major companies who would invest. The UN building procurement agency would consider moving from New York to Ireland as it reassess its need to look at neutral countries in the future. There are many other possibilities and we would be happy to hear from you with your ideas. The Irish are spending billions overseas on property, but we would welcome their investment in the New City project here at home.

With best wishes,

William A. Thomas
New City for the West
Mount Angel
Cappagh Road
[email protected]
+ 353 91 84 61 62

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