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Welcome to the New City website!

New!!! Due to popular demand, we are proud to introduce our brand new debating platform.

This website tells a story about a desire to build a new city for the world. A new city which follows the laws of beauty and perfection. A new city with man at its centre. A city fit for human habitation, with excellent facilities and social and cultural infrastructure.

We are a team made up of architects, engineers, town planners, philosophers, businessmen and women etc, looking at creating ideal conditions in which man can dwell - namely a beautiful and safe city - a universal model which can in effect be applied to any part of the world. We have looked at other cities and their impact not only on national and international levels but their influence, positive or negative on the inhabitants.

Given man's ability to create beauty, we use the principles of beauty and harmony to put a package together, a parameter, or philosophy if you will, on which to base a beautiful city.

Man has for too long created ugliness, ghettoes, and slums - when he does this through bad planning, and ignorance, he sows the seeds of anger and disharmony which will bear its ugly fruit in due time, and with it broken lives.

It is time to break away from the failed models of the past, and to create fresh vigor, beauty, and structures for man.

A new city should therefore have as its primary theme beauty, followed by efficiency - excellent social infrastructure - medical and social care second to none - excellent educational facilities - and above all happy inhabitants.

I invite you, wherever you are in the world, to be part of this project, and to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

William A. Thomas
New City for the West
Mount Angel
Cappagh Road
[email protected]
+ 353 91 84 61 62

You can still view the first home page and the second one.

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