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We welcome national and international investors to the new city. The new city and accompanying "Silicon Valley" will serve as a gateway for international companies coming into Europe. The main emphasis is on new technology, science companies, financial services, e-services and telecommunications.�

This new city and "Silicon Valley" can offer the following benefits to your business:

  • Close proximity to a marketplace of 600 million people in Europe.

  • In Ireland people speak English but there is also a large number of people in Ireland who can speak French, German, Spanish and Italian. This is important for localisation of your product / service.

  • The new city will have high bandwidth telecommunications� -� this will include T1, T3, DSL, Cable, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, OC192c, WDM/OC-48 lines. These will be connected directly to the Internet back-bone in the USA and the Internet back-bone in Europe. The city will also have direct links to special satellite services such as DirecPC, Skystation, Angel Technology and Teledisc giving it additional high bandwidth capacity. This will give your company state of the art communications.

  • Internet services will include high speed Internet access, Managed bandwidth, Global networking facilities - Global ATM, Global Frame Relay, Global Internet VPN, Global Private Networks, Global Intranet, Global Extranet, Global Call centres. This will�connect your business to employees, customers, suppliers, strategic partners and clients worldwide

  • A�large number of highly skilled�workers from Ireland and Britain. Most of these people�have degrees in science, engineering, computer sciences, computer networking, finance, mathematics, encryption, accountancy, foreign languages, marketing, and business administration. Your business can benefit from highly skilled labor at affordable cost.

  • Ireland is a member of the euro currency which makes trading with Europe much easier and more efficient. The euro is low against the dollar which means products / services manufactured in Ireland are cheaper and more competitive in international markets.

  • The city will have a special E-commerce center, which will house some of the leading E-commerce providers in the world. They will help businesses make full use of e-commerce and Internet technologies.

  • Your business can qualify for Irish government grants worth millions of dollars. Companies which locate in the west of Ireland are entitled to generous grants from the Irish government. You would also be entitled to European Union grants as the west of Ireland has objective 1 status.

  • There will be strict controls on land speculation so as to make sites affordable for businesses and families.

  • Very competitive salaries and high productivity rates in Ireland

  • There will be a University in the city, Public-Private Research labs and high-tech training centers dedicated to continuous training and updating of skills for industry. This will bring significant competitive advantages to your business over the long-term

  • There is a large international airport beside the new city - Knock International airport. This airport is 15 miles from the city center. The airport is now capable of handling the same traffic as Shannon airport. This will enable your business to move products in and out efficiently and meet with employees, customers, clients, suppliers, strategic partners, etc. from around the world.

  • The new city will have Light Rail similar to that which operates in American cities. This will be built with a large amount of spare capacity to cater for a growing population. The national highway which passes through the city will complement this light rail and ensure an efficient transport system..

  • The national oil and gas pipe-lines pass through the site for the new city. The Irish oil and gas fields are nearby and are projected to last for another 130 years.� This will provide fuel and power to businesses and homes. �

  • Top international companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Oracle, Boston Scientific, Thermo King, Gateway computers, Motorola, AOL, Compaq, 3Com, Andersen Consulting, Ericsson, Iomega, CR Bard, Avid Technology, Lucent, Nortel, Apple, Hewlett Packard, etc. have large operations in Ireland. They have been very successful here in Ireland. The new city will build on Irelands reputation as a place to invest and grow.

  • A pleasant city to live and work in. It will be a "green city" with extensive parks, tree-lined boulevards, playing fields, forest walks, orchards, public gardens, river walks, wildlife parks, lake and river facilities, and plenty of open space for people.�This will complement the beautiful scenery of the west of Ireland. The new city will be�a pleasant working environment and an ideal venue for conferences, seminars and business meetings. �

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