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This section contains details of meetings and conferences in regard to the New City and related topics. Members of the public are welcome to attend some of them. Your views, opinions, aspirations and ideas are very important and will help us develop a City, which will be desirable to live in. At these meetings the following themes are discussed:
  • The need for a New City and accompanying rejuvenation of the West of Ireland.
  • The plan to establish state-of-the-art infrastructure for high-speed communications and transport in this region. The establishment of a "Silicon Valley" on the outskirts of this city which will attract High Technology companies from around the world. This would benefit the surrounding counties - Mayo, Roscommon, north Galway, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford and Westmeath.�
  • How this development will stop the population drain from the West.�And alleviate the chronic congestion in Dublin.
  • Outline of plan for the New City.
  • How it will preserve and enhance Irish culture and traditions in this region.
  • Plan for affordable housing for our young people and families.
  • People will be free to raise questions, query any aspect of the New City and give their own opinions, ideas, suggestions and any contributions.
Date & Time
The Parish Hall, Ballaghaderren,
Co. Roscommon
September 8th 2000 at 8:30pm Public Meeting hosted by Bishop Flynn and attended by 300 local people.

Reports in local press

The White House Hotel,� Ballinlough,
Co. Roscommon
November 2nd 2000 at 3:15 pm Conference organised by Enterprise Kiltullagh Ltd in conjunction with the BMW Regional Assembly: The National Development Plan - What does it mean for Regionalisation and Local Development?

Speech delivered at the meeting

Knock House Hotel, Knock, Co. Mayo December 11th 2000 at 4pm Meeting with political representatives from the West of Ireland, the Bishop of Achonry and county managers and engineers from the western counties.

Speech delivered at the meeting

Knock House Hotel, Knock, Co. Mayo� �May 14th-15th 2001 International Conference "Ireland, the Future! The West?"
Various talks were delivered about the future of Ireland and of the West.

List of speakers and speeches delivered

Westwood House Hotel, Galway 29th May 2002 Annual seminar of Network Galway.

Speech delivered at the meeting

2004 International Conference