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Welcome to the New City for Ireland website.

In 2000, the New City team put forward proposals to the Irish Government, stating that the time has come when Ireland "must" build a New City, which should be placed in the West of Ireland.

Having studied the demographic trends in Ireland, we discovered that today some 42% of the Irish population live in Dublin. We also are aware that Dublin will grow by some 1.5 million additional inhabitants by the year 2020, and then some 60% of the population will live in Dublin.

Both Irish and European Governments' policy is to have "Regional Balance." What this actually means has yet to be revealed, but our proposals take this at face value, and put in place the only proposal that actually would create a regional balance in Ireland.

The West of Ireland has seen a population decline of some 52% since 1924 and by the year 2020 this decline will have shifted most dramatically toward 70%. While the average age of the inhabitant of the West is now 60 years, compared to 20 in Dublin.

Our proposals have significance for Ireland, but the project and consequence of a New City as proposed will have an influence on the World. We are aware of two consequential cities of the past: Athens produces the great thinkers like Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, and through them the thinking of the world which is eternal, and can only change by degree. The second most consequential city is Florence, and from here come the great men like Michaelangelo, Bernini, Fra Angelico, Caravaggio, Da Vinci, Raphael and many others. Good cities produce great people, and in the architecture one can see not only eternal structures but beauty and perfection.

The world needs a New City and with it a New Renaissance, one that propels man to a greater perfection in himself.

It seems to me that now the world needs a new dimension, a level playing field for all. No longer will the purpose built discrimination structures, such as ghettos and sprawling "faceless, tasteless, and soulless" housing estates, which are soul destroying for humanity, be acceptable. But the greater aspirations of man are now destined to come more to the fore, and we shall see his greatness manifested in the great and eternal structures like the Gothic Cathedrals in Chartres, Amiens, and Reims, and with them perfect symmetry and the Baroque, a consequence of the high Renaissance, which offers not only perfect beauty, but a vision and a destination.

Ireland today needs to move forward away from its tragic past, towards an ennobling future. It needs to capture the concepts of perfection and beauty expressed by the two great movements of the Gothic and Renaissance, which missed this country, and use both of these to express its greatness as a Nation, and endeavor on its second "Golden Era" to give example to, and to lead the world in civilization and culture.

The time for this Rebirth of Culture, of the Arts, of Education, and for man's greatest aspirations has arrived, so your support for this New City will be very much appreciated.

William A. Thomas
New City for the West Company Limited
Mount Angel
Cappagh Road
[email protected]
00 353 87 25 25 075

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