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e-Petition for a new city in the West

This Electronic Petition calls on Irish politicians and the Irish government to support the new city in the West. This support includes: 
  • Including the new city in the National Spatial Strategy.
  • Amending the planning laws to provide for the building of a new city, which will require 35,000 acres.
  • Inviting international tenders for the design and planning of the new city. 
  • Initiating a national debate on a new city, which could express Ireland's greatness.

We invite all people to sign this Electronic Petition. This will be given to local politicians, national politicians (TD's), European MEPs and Irish government ministers. It will also be sent to the European Parliament and European Commissioners in order to get European support. 

Feel free also to write directly to them:

Irish Government, especially to
Mr. Bertie Ahern, An Taoiseach (Prime Minister),
Mr. Frank Fahey (Minister for the Marine),
Mr. Noel Treacy (Minister for Science, Technology and Commerce),
Mr. Charlie Mc Creevy (Minister for Finance).
European Parliament.

You can simply copy and paste the text above (from "This Electronic Petition" to "Ireland's greatness.") and/or write your own request.

Electronic Petition
I call on the Irish government to support the new city in the following:

Why I support the new city