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Register for Property in New City

You can register with us and specify the type of property that you would like to buy in this new city. We will register your interests on our database. Once the building of the city commences, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to buy the property that you specified. Please fill out the form below.

Registration Form

First Name
Phone Number
Your E-mail Address
Your Preferences:
Style of dwelling
No. of Bedrooms:
No. of Bathrooms:
Size: (area)
Type of Central Heating:
Air Conditioning Yes ..No
House-related Services Desired:

Room Dimensions:
Kitchen: Sitting-room:
Toilet 1: Toilet 2:
Patio: Garage:
Spare room: Washing room:
Bedroom 1: Bedroom 2:
Bedroom 3: Bedroom 4:
Bedroom 5: Bedroom 6:
Bedroom 7: Bedroom 8:
Number of stories
Exterior wall type
Roof covering
Inside wall covering
Floor covering
More Details about Property

Photograph / Drawing of your ideal home
If you have a drawing or picture of the type of house that you would like - Click on the e-mail link below and attach your drawing or photo to the e-mail. (to attach drawing / photo to e-mail - just use the Attach feature on your e-mail programme)
[email protected]

OR you can send the photograph/ drawing to us by post.

Size of Garden in front of house 

Size of Garden at back of house

Distance to nearest primary school:
Distance to nearest secondary school:
Distance to nearest Third Level College:
Public School Transport:

Type of Schools and standard of education desired for your family:

Distance to nearest hospital:

Public Transport desired in area (bus, rail, airport, taxi, light rail) :

Private Transport desired in area - serving the general public (bus, rail, airport, taxi, light rail) :
Desired Distance from your house to the nearest:

Bus stop
Railway station
Light rail stop

Preferred Road system:

Community Facilities Desired:
Price Ranges  
Your minimum budget
Your normal budget
Your maximum budget
Please take the time to fill in the following survey. We will be using the data gathered to improve our customer service.
What would you like to have in the new city ? What factors are necessary for a nice, pleasant, highly desirable city ?.
How did you locate our web-site ?
What other features would you like to see in the web-site.