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We will keep you informed about all new developments in relation to this new city. You can view the progress achieved below, as well as the latest piece of news.


New Developments

11th February 2000 Birth of the concept of a new city for the west of Ireland in William A. Thomas' mind. He subsequently writes down his first proposal, which is sent to all the Western Bishops.

17th April 2000 The first proposal is presented to the Irish Government through its Minister for Science, Technology and Commerce, Mr Noel Treacy T.D.

15th-30th June 2000 The second proposal is compiled and sent to all the political leaders of the country.

8th September 2000 Public meeting in the Parish Hall, Ballaghaderren, Co. Roscommon. William A. Thomas presents his vision to about 300 local people. He answers their questions and asks for their active support.

9th October 2000 Private meeting with Minister for Finance, Mr Charles McCreevy in Ballyhaunis. The Minister expresses his enthusiasm at the idea.

2nd November 2000 William A. Thomas delivers a speech at a large meeting in the White House Hotel in Ballinlough, Co. Roscommon. The Conference was organised by Enterprise Kiltullagh Ltd in conjunction with the BMW Regional Assembly and was about The National Development Plan - What does it mean for Regionalisation and Local Development?

11th December 2000 Meeting in the Knock House Hotel in Knock. Click here to view the speech he delivered.

April 2001 The New City is debated in the Dail, brought up by Mr Enda Kenny T.D. More details in the Western People article.

May 2nd 2001 The New City was debated in the Senate, brought up by Senator John Connor.

May 14-15 2001� International Conference "Ireland, the Future! The West?" held in Knock House Hotel, County Mayo. The Conference was organised by New City for the West Ltd and details on the speakers and speeches delivered are available.

January 2002 To give a political strength to the New City project, the National Western Alliance Party is born, and will run candidates in the next general election.

February 2002 Architect John Cully designed and proposed the first general street plan of the New City. He is now working on another better one.

March 2002 A video tape to promote the New City project is now available for interested parties. Made by Connections Film & Video, it lasts 18 min. Please contact us for a copy to promote the idea in your own circle.

29th May 2002 Mr Thomas has delivered a speech in the Westwood House Hotel in Galway, at the annual seminar of Network Galway, an organisation for women in business, of approximately 80 members.

August 2002 New City team designed a new World Trade Center for New York.

12th September 2002 Meeting with somebody in charge of the development of Knock International Airport, concluding with the agreement that the development of the airport is intrinsically linked with the development of a new city, and one can not be achieved without the other.

14th September 2002 Meeting with an Irish film crew who will make a documentary about the project.

11-12th October 02 Visit of an expanding new city built in the 70's in the Netherlands: Almere.

A second International Conference will be organised by New City for the West Ltd.

8th December 2003 Decentralization? A new centre, to move the whole Government to, would be more coherent, as suggested in a paper to the Government through Mr. Michael Mulcahy T.D.

March 2004 An entertainment city is taking off, but in another country.

14th May 2004 Professor Ed Walsh, adviser to the Government, expresses support for new city idea.

31st May 2004 William A. Thomas was on News Talk 106 FM, in the City Edition show, between 10 and 11am.

9th June 2004 Article in the Western People : Mayo's new city idea hijacked by Munster .